Study at the School of Economics and Management (IEMN-IAE)

If you want to come and study at the IEMN-IAE, the first thing to do is check at the International Office of your university that a cooperation agreement (Erasmus or other mobility programmes) has been signed between your establishment and our institute.

Once you are selected by your university to come and study in Nantes, you have to go through the following procedures:

Before arrival:

The online application procedure is compulsory for all students wishing to study abroad at Université de Nantes (application deadlines are given)

On arrival in Nantes:

Go to the Maison des Echanges Internationaux et Francophones (MEIF), 15 chaussée de la Madeleine, tram station Hôtel Dieu. The Guichet Unique will answer all practical questions about your stay in Nantes.

Come to the International Office of the IEMN-IAE (Erdre building - office n°203) to get more information about the organisation of the Institute and the classes you are going to attend.
To organise your studies in School of Economics and Management (IEMN-IAE), please find:
  1. the academic calendar
  2. the courses available for international students on exchange

Further information