Hello, I am Sarah Chapelier, a 24-year-old Breton women who grew up by the sea. I arrived in Nantes 5 years ago to study Health Research and in particular the pathology of cancer. This year I also blossomed in another training: the management of innovation.

This curriculum allowed me to open up new perspectives and offers me a new vision of the the world. Going to Vietnam at FTU Hanoi, to make the Master Program in Management of Innovation of IAE Nantes.

To complete this training seemed to me to be the perfect extension of this state of mind. I see this trip as a great opportunity to learn, not just academically but also from another culture and awaken my reflection. Having never visited Asia, I am impatient, curious and eager to discover everything !


Hi, I’m Adrien, I’ve been studying electrical engineering for the past three years and I will graduate from the engineer school of Université de Nantes by the end of this summer. As I was almost done with studies I decided to go on with IAE Nantes’ Master 1 in Innovation Management, trying to acquire new competencies in management far from the scientific and technical skills I was used to develop.

My long-term goal is to work for sustainable development, I want to apply the knowledge I’m currently gathering to the renewable energy area and try to find new solutions for a better planet.

I feel grateful for having the chance to combine my current master and the opportunity to fulfil my professional goal by coming to Vietnam. Beyond that I look forward to discover new culture, new way of living. I have never been further than the European Union till now, which is not far enough to break your habits as the modern western lifestyle get more and more rooted in each country. That’s why I’m hoping for a complete change of scene, memorable meetings and I will try to collaborate on Vietnamese’s renewable electricity field.

Hello, I’m Auriane, a 24-year-old french woman who wants to find sustainable solutions to protect our planet. For five years, I'’ve been studying raw material transformation used in wastewater treatment, food industry or energy production. Last year, I decided to complete my scientific and technological skills by integrating IAE Nantes’ Master in innovation management.

I see this opportunity of finishing my studies in Vietnam as a chance I can'’t let pass. Since many years, I have the habit to answer ‘Yes’ to everyone who offers me to discover something new, and it ha’s always been a positive experience. I'’m sure that this one will be memorable and, maybe, longer than 6 months.

Hello, I am Alice, a young frenchie woman who has lived in Nantes for almost 20 years. Since I’m young I have always wanted to fight for more equity and equality in our world, so I have studied Law during three years. Then, I still had the same goal but I decided to apply my Law knowledge in an others context. This is why this year I did the Master 1 Double skills management, in Nantes’s IAE, and it was such an affluent experience for me.
So when I learnt about the Master 2 Innovation management in Hanoi, I knew this was exactly made for me. I really see this Master as a way to make us go out of our confort zone and to question ourselves about what and how we are living. I am also very excited to discover Vietnam and the whole Asian culture. To live and to develop new projects in this area is an opportunity that we only have once in our life, and I am so glad I was able to grab it !