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The International Franco-Chinese Management Center was created in 1995, originally to focus on the Chinese world. The original aim was to respond to the development of French companies' activities in the Chinese world (China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong...). It was necessary to train executives capable of working in a Chinese cultural environment, in addition to their technical management skills.

The current context has led us to broaden its scope, and the center became the International Franco-Asian Management Center. With its strong roots in the Chinese world, it fits within the international development strategy of IAE Nantes Économie & Management, particularly in Asia.

The International Franco-Asian Management Center offers a range of courses open to both international and French students. It includes a Master's degree in Franco-Asian International Management, a University Certificate specifically focused on the Chinese world, awarded at Master 2 level, and a University Diploma in Franco-Chinese Management Studies, open to Chinese students in their 3rd year of Benke in french at partner universities.

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